This is a picture of the retirees present at the April 24, 2018, luncheon at Dutch’s Daughter Restaurant in Frederick, MD.  Before you look at the listing below, see how many you can identify.

Kneeling L to R:   Steve Bloom, Bill Baumgardner, Rick Kimberlin, David Bowman, Dick Hess

Seated L to R:  Shirley Grove, Gaines Combs, Mike Price, Jack Ambrose, Dick Roschli, Richard Keller, Elizabeth Kerns-Daniels, Frank McKnight, Eleanor Ott, JoAnn Honodel, Pat Fender, Sharron Moser  

Standing L to R:  Nancy Dunn, John Smith, Judy O’Neal,Ronald Thomas, Shirley Mullican, Kenny Smith, Merle Guyton, William Carson, Gerald Yaukey, Dennis McGinnis, Fred Pieffer, Ray Larsen, Terry Miller, Al Bingman, Jim Lawrence, John Martin, Pat McBride,  Donna Jean Brandenburg.