Constitution and By-Laws

For the first time since 1977, the Constitution and By-laws for the Potomac Edison Forerunners have been revised to more closely represent the present operation,  The elected officers and area representatives have approved them and posted them here so members may review them.  The complete documents are shown below. As of September 30, 2014, the by-laws have been amended to remove the Tours Committee under Article VII.


As of October 1, 2013

Article 1 – Name

The name of this organization shall be Potomac Edison Forerunners.

 Article II* – Purpose

The purpose of Potomac Edison Forerunners shall be to provide a means of friendly association for present, former and retired employees of Potomac Edison and affiliated companies.

 Article III* – Eligibility

Section 1. Present, former and retired employees of the Company will be eligible for membership.

Section 2. Spouses of present, former and retired employees will be eligible for membership as well as spouses of deceased employees.

 Article IV* – Membership

Membership is open to present, former and retired employees, spouses and widows/widowers regardless of place of residence or subsequent employment.

 Article V – Dues

Dues will be set by vote of the Executive Board and will be the same for all members. Dues amount will cover the cost of administering the organization and will be set as to not generate any profit.

 Article VI – Management

The organization will be managed by an Executive Board to be made up of the elected officers, the Area Representatives, the Immediate Past President, the Internet Web Chairperson and the Tours Chairperson.

 Article VII – Officers

Section 1. The officers of the organization shall be: a President; a Vice President; a Secretary; a Treasurer; and an Assistant Secretary and an Assistant Treasurer, as provided for in Section III of the By-laws. Their duties shall be such as usually pertain to their positions; otherwise, they may be as specified in the By-laws. In addition, the Assistant Secretary and the Assistant Treasurer may be assigned specific duties by the Secretary and the Treasurer, respectively.

Section 2. Officers of the Executive Board shall be elected by the membership for a two-year term at the August meeting in odd calendar years.

Section 3. Nominations shall be made by a committee appointed for the purpose by the President at least three months prior to the election. The list of nominees shall be provided to all members at least one month prior to the election. Additional nominations for any office or position may be added prior to the election. For continuity purposes, the Vice President will become the President for a two-year term. In the event the President?s term is unfulfilled for some reason, the Vice President will become President for the unexpired term. 

 Section 4. Vacancies in elective positions will be filled by the Executive Board. Appointments to fill an unexpired term will not disqualify that person from being elected to a succeeding term.

 Article VIII – Committees

The President may appoint such temporary committees as are needed to carry out the purposes of the organization.

 Article IX – Activities

Section 1. Under the general oversight of the Executive Board activities groups may be organized without regard to numbers or organizational relationship.

Section 2. The expenses incident to such organized activities can be equitably borne by each member participating, and in such a manner as to accumulate no profit.

Section 3. Group activities shall not be subsidized by the treasury, except as specifically approved by the Executive Board.

Section 4. Funds raised for charitable or educational purposes must be used for the purpose designated.

Article X – Meetings

Membership meetings may be held every two months.

Article XI – Administrative and Fiscal Relationships

Section 1. Operating funds for the organization shall be derived from the membership dues. No other assessments shall be levied, and the amount of annual dues may be changed only in accordance with the By-laws.

Section 2. No operating funds shall be disbursed except as approved by the Executive Board.

 Article XII – Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws may be presented at any regular or special meeting of the Executive Board. Approval or disapproval shall be by simple majority vote of the Executive Board members present.

 Article XIII – By-laws

The Executive Board is authorized to implement this Constitution by appropriate By-laws, which may specify the duties of officers and appointed committees, the amount of annual dues, the dates of meetings, the formation of activities groups, and any other matter not inconsistent with the Constitution.

 Article IX – Dissolution of Organization

In the event that Potomac Edison Forerunners dissolves at some point in the future, any and all remaining and uncommitted assets will be contributed to a local charity to be decided by a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Board in attendance at a regular or special meeting.

 * Articles II, III and IV of the Constitution were amended to include present employees by action of the Executive Board  on December 5, 2018 and January 24, 2019.



As of September 30, 2014

 Article I** – Membership Application and Dues

Section 1. Present, former and retired employees and their spouses may become members.

Section 2. Annual dues shall be six dollars per member.

 Article II – Powers and Duties of the Executive Board

In addition to those duties specified in the Constitution, the Executive Board shall have the power:

(a) to enforce the provisions of the Constitution and By-laws;

(b) to act as the judge of a contested election;

(c) to decide all questions arising from an appeal;

(d) and to remove, at its discretion, any Board member by a 2/3 majority vote of all

Board members present at a regular or special meeting.

 Article III – Powers and Duties of Officers

A. President:

1. Schedules annual Executive Board meetings and special Board meetings as needed.

2. Presides at all Board meetings and area luncheons.

3. Appoints ad hoc committees as needed.

4. Is responsible for preparation of luncheon notices.

5. Signs checks when necessary.

B. Vice President:

1. Presides at all Board Meetings and luncheons in absence of the President.

2. Completes unexpired term of President if necessary.

3. Succeeds into Presidency for two-year term when President?s term expires.

4. Co-ordinates summer picnic.

5. Signs checks when necessary.

C. Secretary

1. Records minutes of annual Executive Board meetings and special meetings, records attendance and  distributes   minutes to Board members in timely manner.

2. Retains copies of all minutes.

3. Maintains list of current Forerunner members and Board members.

4. Files copies of Treasurer?s Reports and annual Audit Report.

5. Sends any correspondence requested by President.

6. Maintains file of luncheon notices, dues notices, tour notices and food bank contributions.

D. Treasurer:

1. Receives and deposits all monies from dues and luncheons.

2. Maintains records of annual dues and luncheon receipts.

3. Provides up-to-date membership list for use in mailings.

4. Prepares Financial Report for annual Executive Board meetings and at year-end.

5. Files annual Form 990 with IRS.

6. Pays for luncheons, supplies, mailings, and annual liability insurance.

7. Prepares annual Dues Notices and sends out Delinquent Notices.

8. Arranges for annual audit of Financial Records.

 Article IV – Powers and Duties of Immediate Past President

In addition to those duties specified in the Constitution, the Immediate Past President shall review the Constitution and By-laws for any possible changes/revisions that may be needed.

Article V – Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer

As permitted under the Constitution, an Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer are hereby provided for, to be elected in the same manner and for the same terms of office

as provided for other officers under the Constitution. They will perform duties of the Secretary and the Treasurer, respectively, as needed.

 Article VI – Membership Meetings

Regular membership meetings will be held in the months of February, April, June, August, October and December, at a time and place to be decided by the Executive Board.

 Article VII – Duties and Responsibilities of Committees*

A. Social (Area Representatives)

1. Shall include member(s) from respective areas of the Company where Potomac Edison Forerunner luncheons and/or meetings are held.

2. Shall arrange for the meals and meeting place for the bi-monthly luncheons.

3. Shall seek out and arrange for suitable entertainment when desired for a meeting.

4. Shall receive all luncheon reservations and monies which shall be turned over to Treasurer.

B. Internet Website

Potomac Edison Forerunners website will be administered by a Webmaster as approved by the Executive Board. Cost of operating website will be borne by Forerunners.

The Executive Board unanimously amended the by-laws to remove the Tours Committee from Article VII effective, September 30, 2014.

** Article I of the by-laws was amended to include present employees by action of the Executive Board on December 5, 2018 and January 24, 2019